Flying on your terms

ExecShares Fractional Ownership provides for the ownership and operation of a Cessna Citation Jet with simple scheduling, management and operating costs for its owners.

We operate the aircraft like your personal flight department.  You fly with the same crew members on your aircraft all the time.  The aircraft remains with you for the duration of your trip (unless otherwise released by you).  So if your plans change, the aircraft and crew are ready when you are. 

The aircraft is fully enrolled in the Cessna Engine & Maintenance Programs to ensure the maximum availability and preservation of your investment in the aircraft.

Equity Shares may also offer tax benefits for the owner when the aircraft is primarily used in a business capacity by the Owner.  We can provide greater information and discuss your specific requirements to see if this may be an option for you. 

Whether you are new to private aviation or very familiar, our team is ready to discuss your needs and find the right solution for your travel needs.

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