Aircraft Management

EAG Management Service is designed to relieve you of the burden of managing your aircraft.  

EAG provides 24/7 monitoring of your aircraft and its operation.  This includes scheduling, trip logistics, crew, flight operations, regulatory functions, financial management and maintenance.

We can handle any or all of the above functions, tailoring our solution to address your needs.

Our extensive experience in aircraft acquisition, operation and management enables us to achieve best in class performance for you.

EAG has received the NBAA Corporate Aviation Safety Award each year of the past 12 years it has operated corporate aircraft. Whether it is a entry-level twin or a Super Midsize Corporate Jet, we have the experience and knowledge to safely, professionally and efficiently operate your aircraft.

Our partnerships with FlightSafety, Stevens Aerospace, Standard Aero and Textron Aviation ensure we provide the highest levels of service, maintenance and operational capability with your aircraft.